Thursday, October 15, 2009


"Why don't you wake up in the morning and go 'Oh my God, everything works the way it's supposed to"? - Matt Chandler

The most prevalent form (and there are several) of idolatry in my life is my tendency to take all the credit for the things that work as they should and shed all the blame on God for things that get all jacked up. It's like this. Avery is this awesome kid. She doesn't cry. She doesn't fight sleep. She let's anyone and everyone hold her. She's not afraid of dogs. She likes to cuddle with Daddy. She's just a good kid. How ridiculous is it of me to say that this is the result of superior parenting on my part? Or how about this. My legs move pretty much wherever I tell them to move. And, I woke up today without any pain. And, I can see and hear and move my hands. Yet I cannot remember a time when I have awakened to the thought that the fact that I can breath means God has once again showered His mercy on me. Conversely, when things go south. Like when my kid has to spend 3 weeks in the hospital or I blow a tire and I wag my finger in God's face saying "where were you on that one?". What kind of a fool does that? How messed up is that guy? What a complete tool I can be sometimes. (most of the time)
God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

Post Script: Matt Chandler at the Village Church is a modern prophet. Get on Itunes and subscride to the Village podcast. The current series called "The Path" is walking through progressive sanctification. Consistant excellence.