Monday, October 5, 2009


My kid was born 6 weeks early. She spent the first 3 weeks of her life in a small room monitored around the clock by specially trained healthcare professionals. As far as premature babies go, she was actually strong and relatively healthy (Thanks to the providence of God and the foreward thinking of Dr Harrison). I can remember every minute we spent in the NICU; every trip home at night, every hand washing at the scrub-in station, every sounding alarm, every test or blood draw or check of vital signs. Very few places can teach you just how little control you actually have better than the NICU. Helpless, waiting, watching her sleep. 3 weeks seemed like 3 decades.

The thing about this situation is that my instincts were always wrong. As a Gable, I am a nurturing father. The one gut reaction to her crying or her pain was to talk to her and pick her up and hold her close. The thing about Preemies is that too much of this type of reaction can cause them to freak out at the very least and can be detrimental to their development at worst. They just aren't ready. Too much noise or light or touch can cause them to be overstimulated which can lead to more setbacks and complications and end up making everything worse. For Avery, all she needed was rest. She needed time for her own natural processes to grow and heal and for her own natural defenses to correct what was going wrong.

The American fiscal future is in a similar boat. Our economic development has been stunted by multiple factors. Alarms are sounding as each of our major economic indicators redlines into levels that cause distress and fear and panic. Our President's agenda driven idea of governing pushes him to round upon round of "stimulus" funds. This agenda is nothing short of destructive. Just like Avery in her incubator needed low-key, quiet, dimly lit surroundings, so this economy needs an environment where it can relax, shut down the engines and get back to neutral. The current MO is to inject taxpayer money into a financial system that is already overstimulated. This has the same effect on the country as shining a flashlight in a preemie's face. This overstimulation can cause irreversible damage. Stop. Let her heal. Remove the impediments in her way and allow her the time to heal herself. Any more stimulus may cause severe destructive problems

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ErinKH said...

excellent points. thanks for sharing. Now, if the gov't only asked the people how to rule this country "for the people."